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bees wrecking the pool

Last year, about as soon as the two of us opened our swimming pool for the summer, the two of us first started having trouble with bees plus wasps.  After doing a little studying online, I soon learned that bees hang around the water because they’re looking to quench their thirst. Wasps are quite attracted to the smell of the pool.  Hoping to get rid of the bees plus wasps without possibly needing to hire a professional, I tried some natural repellents, deterrents plus traps. I sincerely hoped to discourage the wasps by making a decoy nest.  They are naturally territorial little insects, plus when they see signs of another group of wasps, they tend to avoid the area. It definitely took a bit of creativity, however I made my own wasp nest out of paper mache plus went out there and hung it in my backyard.  This worked well until a heavy rainstorm… My next major attempt was making a trap baited with diesel fuel. Wasps are so attracted to the smell, so therefore they’ll fly directly into a bottle to taste the diesel fuel. I set the bottle of diesel fuel a fairly great distance from the pool, trying to draw the wasps away.  I also learn that wasps sometimes appreciate the taste of raw meat. This is 1 of the reasons they often become a major nuisance at summer time barbecues. It is possible to make a trap using raw meat as bait. Since, honestly, I didn’t want to call in every stray dog plus dog in the neighborhood, I decided once again against the raw meat trap.  While I hate to kill wasps plus bees, I eventually got quite desperate. My youngsters were reluctant to swim in the pool because of fear of getting stung. I then got up and went to the local hardware store plus purchased several cans of wasp killer. I personally waited until after dark, located the numerous nests plus doused them with pesticide.  I soon needed to repeat the process several times. Once the wasps were legitimately dealt with after all that, I removed the nests.

bee extermination 

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