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Pros of the HVAC field

My dad was a real piece of work when it came to raising me and my siblings, however as the youngest of four, most people assume I was babied by my parents compared to how my siblings were handled! What they do not know is that it was honestly the opposite! My siblings were practically idolized by my dad, while my mom loved my oldest sibling for her wit. And it didn’t matter to her that my sibling did dumb things all the time, like setting the thermostat of the house all the way to eighty degrees as a prank or hiding ground meat in the HVAC ductwork of the house! She would just say a quip or many to lighten up the situation, and all was well with my mom. As for me, though, I was constantly expected to do everything the right way – even if all of my siblings failed! My parents thought I would succeed. When I told my parents I wanted to pursue a certification in heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair and installation, they acted as though I was dropping out of college! They were quick to judge me. They made up crazy “facts” about the industry. I explained to them that heating and air conditioning specialists make good wages and they work adaptable hours, plus they do not require many years of college! I felt that my reasoning was solid, but my parents insisted I was just setting myself up for failure. They did not care that I was planning to work as a Heating and Air Conditioning repair specialist to pay for college. All they cared about was that their kid wasn’t going to graduate from college first! And, here I am, almost a decade later, and my plan for Heating and Air Conditioning technical certification proved to be the best plan I’ve had!

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