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I made my decision

This year, my husband and I will be hosting Thanksgiving for the family at our house. I am kind of worried to host a party like a Thanksgiving celebration, but I very much enjoy hosting smaller events! I have not hosted a big family party yet, and I do feel the pressure to host such a family event. I will have to ensure that everything is perfect. I also have to make sure that I get an HVAC tune-up. I would hate for all these people to be in my home and then I don’t have sufficient cooling or heating to please them. I believe having people over to your home is an honor. However, one should make sure that the air quality in one’s home is close to perfect, and you absolutely never want anyone to be uncomfortable in your home. Tomorrow morning, I have to call the HVAC company to make sure that they can come over to see me just before Thanksgiving in order to service my HVAC system. I am hopeful that they are not overbooked. It completely slipped my mind until the other day. Having a high level of air quality in my home is extremely important to me. So I am certainly hoping that they will have an appointment available to come check my HVAC system. At the same time, I am also hoping that other people do not have the same plan in mind that I have right now! With all of the good food cooking, I am sure that my place will be comfortable enough, however, if my place does get a bit too warm with the stove and the oven being on at the same time.  I will use my air conditioner, if needed and it will work just fine. It doesn’t usually make sense to run the air conditioner, especially in the winter, but I am going to need it in case my place gets too hot. I would not want to be opening windows or doors in order to cool my guests.

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