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I wrote a book about running a household budget and keeping it in check through four different seasons. It is not as easy as some people think it is. And when you add children to the equation, it can get one thousand times more complicated! I spend twelve chapters talking about different ways to save money on the basics. So many people don’t even realize how easy it is to waste energy by leaving lights on as a comfort. Is that comfort worth the extra one hundred dollars you have to spend on bills? I ran a workshop last week and nearly put a marriage back together simply by giving out these basic techniques. This one couple argued incessantly about their HVAC system. They couldn’t agree on a particular temperature to leave the thermostat set to. Then, the wife was just terrible about leaving the house and forgetting to turn off the air conditioning or heating. It was causing them so much waste in energy and bills. The husband wanted to just get rid of the entire HVAC system. That’s where I stepped into the conversation. I mentioned to them about the number one tool in HVAC that is saving people a fortune in air conditioning and heating costs. The Smart App. It is an app that you install directly into your thermostat, then simultaneously download the app onto your phone. This allows you to monitor the temperature and usage at any given time. If you forget to turn off your HVAC system, you can do it from your phone. It will save you immeasurable amounts of money a month!

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