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Renovating the entire home

I had a bit of extra money saved up, so I decided to take care of some home renovations. My wife, Judy, had been all over me about  having the exterior of our home painted. We also needed to replace the carpets in the living room and my home office. I made all the necessary purchases and arrangements.  Judy and I were anxious to see if we would have enough money leftover to tackle  some upgrades on or HVAC system. I had done some research online.  I was surprised by how far the HVAC industry has come with technological advancements in recent years. I was really interested in a smart thermostat for my home.  Judy and I go on quite a few  trips throughout the year.  A  smart thermostat with wifi accessibility  would be perfect for us! If we had a wifi thermostat, we would no longer need to hire someone to visit the  home and adjust the temperature while we’re gone. We have two cats, and we need to monitor the HVAC system and indoor temperature while we are gone. We have tried boarding the cats in the past, but they did not get along with other cats. I looked into the cost of a smart thermostat.  I was surprised by how affordable they are.  Judy and! I added this to our list of renovations, and we contacted a local HVAC company to set up an installation date. It felt good about  investing in something which would increase the value our home.  Plus, the thermostat will improve comfort and definitely save us money and make life easier.I am excited to try out our brand new smart thermostat.

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