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We’re going to renovate our house

I recently came up with a bit of extra money.  I decided to invest in some much needed renovations around the house. My wife, Betty, has been on me to get the exterior of the house scraped and repainted. We have needed new carpets in the living and dining room for the last few years. I took care of buying supplies and hiring contractors.   Betty and I were relieved to we would have enough money leftover to make some improvements to the HVAC system. I had done some research on the advancements to HVAC equipment in recent years. I was amazed by the features and energy ratings.  One thing I knew I wanted, was a smart thermostat to operate the furnace and air conditioner more wisely. We tend to take quite a few  trips, so a smart thermostat would make life a lot easier.  If Betty and I had a smart thermostat, we  would no longer need to ask someone to go to the house and check on the air conditioner or furnace. We would have access to the heating and cooling equipment from anywhere we happened to be.  We could be sure everything was running as it should.  We would get alerts to any fluctuations in temperature or need for repair or maintenance.  We’d know if the filter was clogged.  And we could make changes.  We could turn the heating or cooling on and off, or raise and lower temperature according to our schedule. I checked into the price of a smart thermostat.  They are affordable.  I added this upgrade to our list of renovations, and called a local HVAC technician to set up an replacement appointment. It felt good to invest in something which would increase the value of our home.

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