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I love this heat and AC

I recently came into some extra money, so I decided to handle some much needed house renovations. My wife, Sarah, has been on my case for years to get the exterior of the home scraped and painted. We also were need of new carpets in the family room as well as in our daughter’s bedroom. I made all the arrangements, and Sarah and I were  hoping to have enough money leftover to make some improvements on the HVAC system. I had done some extensive research and was surprised by the technical advancements in the HVAC industry in recent years. I was anxious to update our heating and cooling equipment.  I definitely planned to invest in a smart thermostat.   Sarah and  I take  quite a few vacations, so a smart thermostat would be beneficial for us! If we had access to a smart thermostat, we  would no longer need to hire someone to go to our house and check things and  adjust the heating or cooling while  we’re gone. We have an orchid collection which is temperature sensitive, so we need to monitor the HVAC system while we are away.  We have tried moving the orchids to my mother’s hours in the past, but they did not do well there. I looked into the price of a smart thermostat, and was happy  to see  that we could afford the purchase.  I added this to the list of renovations, and called up our local HVAC contractor to set up an appointment date. It felt so great to invest in improvements to the house which would increase value and convenience. They were able to set a date for the following week. I couldn’t wait to try out our brand new smart thermostat.

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