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We’re trying to do a renovation

I recently came into a bit of extra money, so I decided to take care of some much needed home renovations. My wife has been on my case for years to get the exterior of our home painted. We also needed new rugs in the family room and in our daughter’s bedroom. I made all the arrangements, and wa happy to see we would have enough money leftover to make some improvements on or HVAC system. I had been doing some extensive research on how far the HVAC system has come in recent years. I was amazed! One thing I really wanted, was a smart thermostat. Our family goes on quite a bit of vacations, so a smart thermostat would be perfect for us! If we had a smart thermostat we would no longer need to pay someone to go to ur house and adjust your thermostat when we were gone. We have two large dogs, so we need to monitor the HVAC system for them whole we are gone. We tried kennels in the past, but they didn’t get along with other animals. I looked into the price of a smart thermostat, and wa happy to see  that we could afford one! I added this to your list of renovations, and called up our local HVAC business to set up an installation date. It felt so good to invest in our home with all these new renovations. They were able to set up an installation date for the following week. I couldn’t wait to use our brand new smart thermostat.


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