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My dog tends to get sick, probably because she is forever eating things that are not meant to be eaten. When we go for walks, she finds and eats candy wrappers,  chicken wing bones, anything that smells like food. It’s incredibly upsetting to have her throw up as often as she does after eating garbage. It’s rare, but sometimes she throws up outside – the rest of the time it’s in the house. Most of the surfaces in my home have vomit stains on them, such as the carpets, my recliner, etc. I use a stain remover to clean up the mess, but isn’t worth the price that I paid for it. Yesterday, I caught her getting into my neighbor’s garbage – onions, I think. After  dragging her home, she lay down in the hallway and proceeded to vomit. But this time she chose to throw up in one of my HVAC vents! It was covered in disgusting vomit. I cleaned it up just as fast as I could, not wanting the heat to come on and spread the gross smell through the house. I had to remove the HVAC vent cover to get all of it.  My dog is lucky that I love her, because she can be such a pain. I do think that she’s thrown up on just about everything in my house. But puking on the HVAC vent was the worst yet.

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