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What I learned

My sibling used to have some extremely annoying friends.  I remember the one time when the one lady tried to teach me how to stir my tea without making any noise.  She told me that I had to learn to be a lady.  When every one of us got in the motorcar to go home, the Heating, Ventilation and A/C in her car wasn’t operating.  She couldn’t get any heat, and she was about ready to cry.  I told her to get over it and be a woman.  She did have one friend that I liked.  She was so much fun.  Both of us got in her motorcar one day, and the air conditioning didn’t work.  She didn’t rest there and cry; instead, she got out and got under the hood of the motorcar, and she tried to find the complication with the HVAC system.  We drove over to her mechanic, and she showed them where the complication was and what it was, and she told them that she wanted it fixed.  I was so impressed when she called them out on putting a part into her Heating, Ventilation and A/C that she said it didn’t need.  They apologized and said that someone had put that on, accidentally, and they gave her an updated bill.  I couldn’t ever diagnose my own air conditioning.  I couldn’t find the complication or tell someone how to fix it.  I do know how to keep mechanics from taking advantage of me when there is a complication with my Heating, Ventilation and A/C.  I also know how to stir my tea without making clinking noises.  I’ve l acquired quite a bit from my sibling’s strange friends.

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