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Planning my camping trip

There is something fascinating about the way people react to the weather.  I had a friend who would huddle up at the first sign of freezing weather, and if they predicted snow, she would go into a fluster.  Once the temperatures topped seventy, she just wanted to be outside.  Even now that she is in her late sixties, she loves hot weather.  I am just the opposite, and I’m not sure how our friendship developed, or how it’s lasted, but something is working for us.  I had just gone through a entirely terrible divorce, and she wanted to take my teenagers and me camping.  She had a camper that was complete with heating and air conditioning, so I figured it would okay to go with her.  She also promised to take extra comforters so she would be warm while the air conditioning was still running.  My boys were young at that time, and all they wanted to do was sleep outside, on the ground.  My friend thought this was fantastic, and she decided to sleep outside with them.  It was so warm and humid that night that I couldn’t get comfortable even with the air conditioning running on high.  I had the fans going and the AC, and I was still dripping with perspiration.  I couldn’t figure out how any of them could be outside sleeping so comfortably when it was still almost ninety degrees out there.  I peeked outside, and I saw them sitting by the fire, and laughing.  My teenagers said it was too warm to sleep, and my friend was entertaining them with all kinds of ghost stories.

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