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This indoor air is great

There is something wrong with our Heating and A/C system.  The two of us suppose that it is just getting old.  It has been in the condo for almost twenty-five years, and the previous owners didn’t take great care of it.  We’ve talked to many people about what we should put in to upgrade the heating system, and we have a lot of conflicting thoughts.  We’ve been doing our own studying, and we’ve decided that we are going to put in a multi-split component for the air conditioning.  If we combine that with electric heat, we would be okay.  Since we are the only ones in the house at this point, we can use the electric heat for the rooms that we are in at any given time.  Electric heat gives us zone control without all of the extra wiring and the need for the ductwork.  It would make it so much easier for us, and it would be cleaner.  The two of us also considered putting in a heat pump, but our winters can get actually cold and dreadful.  The two of us would still need some kind of backup heat for those extremely cold afternoons when the temperatures go below zero.  The two of us got some real conflicting thoughts from people about it being a dry heat, and that it is so high-priced, but with our solar panels, it will help to offset the electric bills.  It doesn’t matter what others believe about our decision.  The two of us covering the expense of the installation and the equipment.  The two of us won’t need to worry about oil, or cutting wood for heat.  We still have a fireplace, in case the electricity would go out, and we are cheerful with our choice.  

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