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I think air conditioning is so important

My fiance was upstairs flying her helicopters.  I do not like when she flies them in the house.  I have permanent scratches in my office, from ‘accidental’ contact.  I have had helicopter blades split up my posters when it ‘caught a tailwind’.  I have had the smallest of them get tangled in my hair when she made a wrong turn with the devilish contraption.  It seems reasonable to me that they stay outside!  When brought her larger helicopter upstairs, I was ready for an argument.  She anchored it on the table and said she just needed better lighting to balance the blades; however, it wouldn’t take off.  Within more than four hours, I was running for my sweater because this thing threw off so much wind, it was getting cold.  I turned off the a/c and I went back to my cooking.  My fiance looked at me and tried to figure out why I was so upset.  I told her that the helicopter was the best a/c I had ever had.  She thought I was nuts, and she went back to the balancing.  The next time she turned on the helicopter, the blades were set and moving even better.  Even I could see the difference.  She began to shake from the frigid air that the helicopter was putting off.  She would just bring up her helicopter.  I opened the basement door, and ushered her upstairs, while telling her that thing didn’t belong in my family room.  I removed my sweater and turned on my a/c, but if I ever see that helicopter anywhere however downstairs or outside, it may disappear.

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