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My best buddy and I both play school football for 1 of the local schools, and both of us are in our sophomore year. We’ve both enjoyed our activity immensely. Both of us were starters this season, and we are absolutely happy about it. My best buddy was starting nose tackle this season, and I started 85% of the games at wide receiver. We were absolutely lucky, and we knew it. During the last game of the year, both of us were on the road. It was against 1 of our rival schools, and there was a lot of excitement for the game. The football team arrived several hours before the game, so that every one of us could get ready in their locker room. It was freezing outside on that afternoon, so we expected the furnace to be running in the locker room… All of us showed up in sweaters and jeans, not expecting to find the cooling system system running! When every one of us opened the locker room door, it was 60 degrees inside. It was only 40 degrees outside, plus it was raining cats and dogs. But our coach talked to the school about the cooling system system, and they didn’t have much to say. We thought they were trying to psych us out with emotional Warfare. If the cooling system system kept our brains frozen, then maybe every we would not play so well. The air vents were blowing freezing cold air directly upon all of us. It was harshly freezing in the building, and our fingers and toes were getting numb. By the time it was game time, we were happy to be leaving the locker room, but running the freezing cooling system didn’t work, and we still ended up winning the game 43-17.

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