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We have poor indoor air quality

My buddy and I were certainly excited, because our number one most favorite band was in town. I had begged my father for 2 weeks, and I really thought he was going to buy me a ticket. So naturally, I thought when our birthday rolled around, for sure my present would be the ticket. I was grateful to get newer, modern earbuds, however what I really wanted was ¬†to go to the concert. Luckily a few days before the day of the concert, my Dad surprised us with tickets for both of us! I was so very ecstatic, and amazed that he pulled off such a good surprise! My buddy and I were super excited to see this amazing band. On the day of the show, we arrived a few hours early, in hopes of getting a glimpse of any of the band members. My buddy and I sat outside until the ticket counters came to let each of us in. When the two of us got inside, we both immediately found our seats. Turns out they were really superb seats, and I figured my Dad had paid a lot of money for them. As the arena started to fill up with more and more people, the air quality really started to drop. The ventilation system wasn’t working well at all that day, and the air quality was truly suffering. The air was really stagnant and warm, and it smelled something like a football locker room. I hoped that it would get better when the concert started. As soon as the band arrived on the stage, I could actually feel the air quality adjusting. They must not have had the HVAC system running until this point. In about 20 minutes, the air quality was cool and crisp, and the venue smelled like a flower shop.

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