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Christmas shopping

I greatly appreciate Christmas and, honestly, I just don’t understand how anyone could not appreciate all there is to enjoy this time of year! The food is fantastic, since everyone has their favorite family recipes they love to cook. The holiday spirit and acts of kindness along with the constant parties throughout the weeks bring hope to the community. The fun of shopping with all of the carolers in the malls this time of year just brings delight at its best! Well, it usually does. This year I was working at the local mall in a jewelry store. It was loud and annoying pretty much our entire shift. The weather was simply frosty outside, as the snow had hit early this year. People were coming inside for the luxury heating system more than they were to shop. My boss just wanted us to push bracelets, when people were only wanting to take advantage of our heating system and hang out. Personally, with all of the people milling about in the shopping mall at this time of year, I found it to be excessively sweltering and could do without the heaters. Of course just when I thought that notion, I heard a loud bang. Everyone else had also heard it. Next the air vents in the entire mall shut down. There was seriously no heat coming from the multiple vents. In fact, the temperature started to drop drastically as the hours ticked by. It was as if the air conditioner had gone on. Suddenly, I heard the vents kick back on and all the people were happy. This was until they realized that the air conditioning had now gone on! We didn’t have a clue what was happening, and in less than thirty minutes the jewelry store was as cold as an ice box. Customers were actually fleeing the mall and the store managers were frantic.

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