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HVAC heros

Sure, I’d say I act as if I’ve got the best job in the world. I happen to be an HVAC worker, however while there may be other people who would disagree with me, I enjoy my work! Sure, the pay is great, however it’s not about the spending money for me. What it’s all about is the service I am able to supply to so many people in need. I get a lot of joy when I service someone’s HVAC system and I see how grateful they are! I’ve helped a lot of people in real difficult situations as well. I’m talking about in the middle of a blizzard when people’s gas furnaces fail! It’s a real dangerous situation, and while I do constantly suggest that people have their necessary repairs done, not everyone does. When I’ve helped people in these dangerous situations, I constantly explain to them how pressing it is to have the necessary upkeep of their HVAC systems performed, since this way they will not be trapped in life threatening situations during severe weather situations. This is also true for the hotter Summer season. If you live in a region that climbs into triple digits, you seriously need your a/c to be working or you might suffer from a heat stroke! This is a drastic situation and you seriously need to get your HVAC system checked up before the Summer and Winter months. I don’t enjoy having to see people in such drastic situations, especially when it all can be avoided! Still, it does feel nice to be a hero to so many people all of the time! I seriously do enjoy this work!

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