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Need better air quality this time

This Thanksgiving is looking like it will be one for the books so to speak. I am hosting this year, and to make matters worse, we’re dealing with heating as well as A/C problems, as well as an extreme chilly cold front is expected to roll in the day before the holiday and will be a headache! My wife as well as I are uneasy since all the heating, ventilation as well as air conditioning maintenance specialists from the HVAC corporation are off for the holiday, as well as we don’t want to spend a fortune on emergency repairs – on a holiday weekend, at that! We figured we could just run some space heaters in each room of the house to improve the air quality indoors, but we imagine that the convection process will cause the humidity in the air to dissipate. Then, we’re just dealing with an incredibly dry indoor air quality that causes our skin to crack and bleed! Finally, my wife and I had to just go outside the box to figure out how we were going to heat the house, as well as we concluded that we’ll just need to be cooking all day long. Why? Simple, and that is because the radiant heat coming from the stovetop as well as oven will spread out from the kitchen to the living room as well as into the rest of the house. We’ll also use oscillating fans to help disperse heat out from the kitchen and living room, so that way my wife as well as I aren’t dying from heat exhaustion in an effort to heat the house! I suppose our families will end up enjoying it this way even more, as they often complained about my sister’s apartment they usually go to as well as how boiling hot it regularly was in her place.

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