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Our holiday heater and a/c plan

Thanksgiving is almost here and one thing I’m not too happy about this year is that our sister agreed to host Thanksgiving for our family, as well as it’s no secret that her home is always stuffy, warm and it seems to have a poor smell that won’t quit, however my sister was super excited, so I tried to let it slide, be quiet as well as make the most of what was surely going to be a miserable thanksgiving dinner for me. Imagine my shock when I pulled up to her home on Thanksgiving day, braced myself for the over hot home, as well as walked in – only to find the air was crisp, cool as well as clean dna smelling fresh. I was over the moon – but really confused! I was at my sister’s home only a month prior, as well as it was nothing like this what so ever! I asked my sister before Thanksgiving dinner began, crucial her to find out how she pulled a change on her home’s indoor air quality; She smiled, explaining that it was all part of the plan to host Thanksgiving. In the timespan of a month or so, my sister hired an Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C specialist to thoroughly cleanse the ductwork of the house, wipe as well as clean the central air conditioning system, as well as install an air purification system to ensure the home maintains a clean, fresh scent. I was extremely impressed! I couldn’t really believe how much better her indoor air quality was after only a month as well as various Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C repairs. If she can afford to get her Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C method cleaned up like that as well as upgraded, surely I could find the funds to have a media air cleaner installed at my own home as well.

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