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The heater in the hotel

The holidays are fast approaching; While I enjoy the season of sleigh bells and snowfall, there are parts of the coming holiday festivities that I’m not exactly a big fan of dealing with. For one, I’ve never actually enjoyed snowy weather! I know, I’m a poor excuse for a Northerner. I am just sick of driving in it all Winter long! I guess I might just do what I did last year, rather than spend another holiday season up North with my family, huddled together in front of a fire in the fireplace as the gas furnace failed and my electrical equipment shut off due to a power outage. My wife and I took two full weeks off from work and flew down South for the holidays instead! Let me say, I was pleased with our decision. It felt so alien to go and relax in eighty-degree weather during what was normally the coldest time of the year, even though I didn’t mind turning to the air conditioner in our AirBnB to keep us cool and comfortable during our time down South. We also stayed in this cute beachside town, where virtually everything we needed was within a few miles of the place where we were shacked up for the trip. The holidays were such a treat, as we’d go to the beach during the day, then come back to our rental home and relax in the excellent air conditioner as we listened to Christmas tunes on the stereo. People all around us said we were crazy for wanting to be here instead of up North for the holidays. I’d love to see those people keep their holiday cheer in sub-zero weather! Especially when the weather is so unforgiving, you end up losing power and subsequently, your heating sources fail you. A Christmas without proper heating or A/C  for days on end is a Christmas from Hell!

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