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I would be willing to go out on a limb here, and say that I tend to be… well, defensive, when it comes to my family, I often go into high-security mode as soon as we step outside, it can be a challenge for me to relax and have some fun with my child and my wife, as I’m always spinning my head around and looking for anyone that gets too close. The sad thing is, we live in a lovely, quiet little city – there isn’t a soul around who would harm us, as we all know each other pretty well in this city! Still, my watchful nature is just part of who I am. This extends to my care for my home, and all the appliances contained within. My HVAC equipment is no exception to this rule, as I’ve scrutinized virtually every moving part of the HVAC equipment installed in our home! If the air conditioner system begins to blow hot air, I know that the air compressor outside may have frozen over, so I quickly shut the air conditioner system down and turn on the fan function to help the equipment defrost. If the furnace in the basement starts to compromise our air quality by pouring air with a burnt scent into the house, I move faster than lightning to shut the equipment off and inspect the furnace filters, and the firebox of the furnace itself, you might know I’m being too tedious with my beach house appliances. These measures have saved my family and I from terribly uncomfortable weekends indoors, as the HVAC unit has never been out of commission for more than 24 minutes! It pays to be aware of your appliances and their health!

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