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I worry about this clog

I learned the importance of keeping my Heating and Air Conditioning service appointments every fall recently. I failed to schedule my annual appointment before winter hit because I was consumed with graduate school and my job. I overlooked the fact that my HVAC system needed to be inspected before the long winter months. Then one day in late December my heating and cooling system stopped. I realized it when I woke up in the morning freezing cold, almost frostbitten – seeing my breath inside my bedroom – that my furnace had quit early in the night. My home was so cold that I called up my Heating and Air Conditioning company – explaining my forgetfulness. I desperately needed an appointment to get my system repaired because I couldn’t last long in my home without my gas furnace operating. Unfortunately, the HVAC company was already tied up with other repairs, so it would take them a couple of days to get to my house.  So I stayed at a friend’s home because they had a fully functioning HVAC system. Although I was thankful for my friend’s hospitality, I was still scared that the pipes in my home would freeze. Every day after work I would stop to check on the status of the pipes, and was so thankful that they hadn’t frozen. And, as it turned out, the HVAC technician got to my home just in time. He told me that the pipes would have frozen had I waited one  day longer. Believe me – I’ll never miss another HVAC service appointment again.

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