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Need to work on the heater

You guess what I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving? Having access to millions of how-to videos for any repair around the condo. I swear, there isn’t a single leaky pipe, squeaky floorboard, or greasy living room exhaust fan that I can’t repair or clean. But still,  I can’t take all the credit for being able to handle those repairs around the condo. The Internet’s has awesome streaming websites that supply countless videos that show you how to handle these repairs yourself. It didn’t used to be this simple though – I have not so fond memories of trying to change my oil when I was twenty years old, plus wasting half of a weekend trying to do it myself! In the end, it cost me almost double what it would’ve cost to just hire a professional to handle our oil change… See, that’s the opposite side of DIY projects – you have to guess when to count the battle as lost, plus trust an expert to handle it! That’s what happened to me last fall… I felt it was due time to learn how to handle the semi annual heating plus air conditioner preventive repair. I figured it couldn’t be too strenuous – I already had the essential tools, or so I thought, so I said “why not?” Well, the cause for “why not” was much greater than I realized. First off, there’s legitimately particular temperature settings that are necessary to ensure the heating plus air conditioners toil as they should! If the air condenser isn’t using enough freon to freeze the inbound air, the air becomes too hot. If there is too much freon in the system, the air condenser is too cold, plus the compressor freezes over – then it’s nothing but warm air coming from the air conditioning unit! That’s just a taste of the particulars that you have to be knowledgeable about for these repairs. If that alone makes you wary, just call a professional. Ignorance is bliss!

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