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Ductless cooling in the micro brew

The other day, my friends and I went to a microbrewery for the first time! None of us knew what to expect; we were told it’s more of a tasting experience than anything else. Yet as it turns out, this particular microbrewery was also a brewpub! It was an incredibly cozy little area; there was a small bar near the front of the facility that served their brews. Aside from the fairly cheap beers, the spacious room was excellently air conditioned. While the rest of the facility had the same aroma of hops lingering around, this room didn’t stick; it was fresh and neutral. I looked around the room to locate the a/c vents, but couldn’t find one somewhere! That’s when I noticed the fairly small air handler and control machine on the wall beside the bar. When I went up to get another pint, I asked the bartender if that was the only thing keeping this room so comfortable and cool. “Yep,” she answered, “that’s the beauty of a ductless mini-split system!” I had never heard of one before. Maybe she was still talking about the brewing vats?I pressed on, asking what she meant by “ductless mini-split”. Well, that’s the name of the a/c they had running for the room! Intended for a single space or a small home, the ductless mini-split is a minimally invasive system for providing heating and a/c functions. My curiosity led me to do more research on these Heating and A/C systems, and they sound attractively efficient and cost-effective! I live in a pretty small town house, too – maybe a ductless mini-split system would be a fine change for the town house?

ductless multi split

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