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HVAC zone control in the little hotel

When you run a Bed & Breakfast from out of your house, there’s always something going on. Luckily for me, I’m a woman who really loves people; I enjoy having all of this company all the times. There’s always guests going in & out, breakfast to be made, dogs barking, & all kinds of things like that! If I didn’t like talking to people & hanging out with them, all of that interest would entirely be a big issue! The only part of running a Bed & Breakfast that I entirely don’t love is the part where I have to be in charge of the heating, ventilation & A/C system for the B&B. Last year, I gave up & had zone control heating, ventilation & A/C system installed in the second and third story part of the home where all of my guest rooms are located. It just got to be too much for myself and the staff to handle on our own. See, every single guest that comes in seems to want the oil furnace or the central air conditioning system set to their own standards & to their own preferred temperatures. While I can understand that, it still is my own personal living quarters as well. So I don’t want to be too cold or too hot. I legitimately like being in control of my own thermostat, if you know what I mean! That’s why I decided to call my local Heating & A/C supplier & see if they had any advice for me. They couldn’t suggest zone control heating, ventilation & A/C system fast enough. They entirely said that for my concern with the Bed & Breakfast, zone control heating, ventilation & A/C system was legitimately the only way to go.

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