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This is risky

A few weeks ago, our neighbor was telling me how she couldn’t afford an HVAC service visit. On the flipside, she also explained that she was able to fix her HVAC equipment all on her own. I thought that was interesting, but I felt it couldn’t possibly have been a quality job if she didn’t have a professional work on her system. I went over to her place and I got to admit, the AC definitely didn’t feel like it was functioning. Despite my hesitation, I asked if I could look at her system to see what she did to it. When she showed me the HVAC unit, I was in shock. She took out some of the HVAC duct that she explained had damages to it, and updated it with cardboard. Cardboard! I had to ask if she seriously thought that was a smart or even safe idea. She said it was a great temporary fix in the meantime, until she could afford a professional’s work. She compared her work to a person running plastic over a busted back window, and while that’s never happened to me before, I would really prefer to have the window fixed as soon as possible. I could see that she was trying to do the right thing here, however I had to laugh about that cardboard HVAC duct. What a riot! She kept saying it wasn’t funny, and that it was a smart fix. I told him that unless she wanted her energy bills to shoot through the roof, she better get that HVAC tech to drop by soon. Hopefully the technician doesn’t die from laughter either!

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