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I figured it out

When we were having dinner the other weekend with my in-laws, it was a very awkward situation as usual. We don’t really get along all that well for the most part. It seems that my in-laws are always trying to get under my skin. Well I should have known better but when my father in law said he could fix my HVAC system, I decided to let him have at it. I really shouldn’t have let him mess with it because I honestly didn’t notice any problems and it was the right temperature on the thermostat. He insisted the the air quality was terrible and the system needed a tune-up. Well, I don’t know what he did to the system but it wasn’t working at all after he worked on it. I highly suspect that he sabotaged the system on purpose just to make me even more angry and frustrated. I had to call out an HVAC technician for emergency repair service because of this! The HVAC technician was asking what we did to the HVAC system because it was in real bad shape. I explained to him what happened with my father in-law. He said that guy must hate me or something because it seemed like he mangled the system on purpose. He had to install a bunch of new parts and on top of the emergency repair fee, I ended up paying a fortune for this repair! When I called up my father in-law to complain about what he did, he acted like he was completely innocent. He acted like he did me a favor and was mad that I was angry with him for lending me a hand.

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