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Heater ruining us

Sometimes when I’m sick, being able to get nice plus warm is the only thing that takes the chill away. Heating up your body isn’t as easy to do as it usually is when you’re sick with a fever and shivering. Last time I got absolutely sick was back in the end of winter. I must have had some strain of the flu, plus it was not pretty! I basically thought I might die, I felt so terrible. I had our heating pad all warmed up, however I still wasn’t able to get warm, despite the fact that I was trying to sleep with our heating pad right on top of our feet. Next, I turned the electric fireplace on plus snuggled up next to it, however even the fireplace didn’t do the job of making me assume any cozier or warmer. I absolutely didn’t want to adjust the thermostat because of this flu; I had been trying to save currency on our heating plus a/c bill. However I finally gave up… I shuffled over to the thermostat control that is on the wall in our hallway. I adjusted the thermostat plus turned the heating all the way up as far as it would go. As soon as our oil boiler system finally kicked on plus the heating started coming in through the HVAC duct, it felt heavenly to me. I was so tired plus chilly that I went plus passed out right on top of the air ducts in the living room plus slept there with the comforter on me for over three hours! Finally, our heating plan did what nothing else could. I’m so thankful for our Heating plus Air Conditioning plan when I’m feeling sick.

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