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Pets and air filters

I must say that I was shocked when our neighbor’s son was telling my boyfriend and I that he wanted to work on our Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. I had heard he was attending a trade school to become Heating as well as Air Conditioning certified. But still, I wasn’t confident that I wanted our Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan to be his guinea pig… Then I figured what was the worst that could happen, so I let him have at it! He entirely taught me a few things. He pointed out that I wasn’t changing the air filter often enough. He was telling me that it must be changed at least every other month. He said that if I started using HEPA air filters, I could change those every 3 months. I didn’t even recognize what a HEPA air filter was to be honest– they must be the more high-priced air filters. He showed me how to clean the outdoor a/c condenser unit as well as also the inner entirely workings of the equipment. His knowledge honestly was benefiting me, plus this was all interesting stuff. By the time the two of us were all done with cleaning everything out, the a/c was entirely working better than it ever had! I then told our neighbor’s kid that if he felt the need to practice later on with our Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment, he was more than welcome with the good work he did there. He said that I should entirely get our ductwork cleaned out soon, however he didn’t have the tools to do that. So basically I would just have to call up the Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier for that, but it would be well worth it because the Heating as well as Air Conditioning would run more efficiently with clean ductwork. He also pointed out that it would likely make our energy bill go down too.

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