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The huge window a/c

I knew it was going to be temporary when I moved into this lousy apartment. However at least that is what I kept telling myself. Unfortunately the units don’t have a cooling plan so I had to purchase a single of those cheap window a/c units. I was in a rush to install it so I didn’t even put all the screws in–I later would learn this was a large mistake. Then well, the cooling plan worked alright, however I absolutely should have secured it better into the window. I came home from work one afternoon. When I went to turn the a/c, I was shocked to find the window was broken in addition to the a/c component was gone. I was multiple floors up in addition to if that component just fell out of the window… it crashed down hard. I looked out the window to see there were pieces on the ground, however the main piece was gone. I was thinking if that thing absolutely landed on someone, they could have died. I didn’t see any blood or anything on the sidewalk down below, so I figured I was in the clear of having killed somebody from my own laziness. I called a repairman to service the window in addition to decided that I had to get out of this apartment building. In the meantime, I decided to get a portable a/c component that didn’t go in the window. Instead, the heated air can escape through a hose that I pushed through the window. I plan to take this cooling machine with me I figured wherever I lived next. However, I hoped I would do better in addition to find a locale that absolutely had central a/c.

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