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Something that I never really thought about much was having my ductwork cleaned out. It wasn’t until my last HVAC system checkup when the HVAC technician was telling me that my ductwork could use a cleaning. I honestly had never had the ductwork cleaned and didn’t even think that was a service they could perform. I decided to schedule an official ductwork cleaning with my HVAC company. When they came to clean the ductwork, they had the craziest looking vacuum tools. I guess they were designed for that exact purpose to carefully clean the ductwork. I thought it was cool that they provided me with before and after pictures of the cleaning. I was totally shocked at how dirty the ductwork was before I had it cleaned officially. It was actually clogged up pretty bad inside the ductwork. The HVAC technicians suggested that I have this done every other year to keep the HVAC running as efficiently as possible. They said that would in turn allow for the energy bills to be lower. I knew that anywhere I could save would be a great thing. After I had my HVAC running for awhile after the ductwork was cleaned, I realized they were definitely right about the savings. My energy bills actually lowered by a good amount since my ductwork was cleaned. I could easily tell that the HVAC system was running a lot more smoothly and I even noticed the air quality was improved quite a bit. I definitely will be getting my ductwork cleaned regularly from now on, it is worth it.

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