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Noticed the energy savings

The other day, I decided to go talk to my neighbor. I came to find that he was using a new HVAC business that just came into town. I was asking about that HVAC business and if they were any good. My neighbor was telling me that they were excellent. He said they were having this promotion where the labor performed for all new customers was 50% off. When my neighbor told me that, I was a little surprised. He told me that they did great work and they just had a new HVAC system installed in their home. I was actually considering getting a new HVAC system for my house as well. Our HVAC was going on 12 years and we had been noticing that the energy bills were on the rise. We did have regular HVAC maintenance yearly, but what can you do when your machine is on its way out? So I decided to call up this new company. They were very nice on the phone and they easily arranged a date for a free evaluation. The HVAC technician who came out was really great and you could tell he cared about his customers. We ended up having a very energy efficient system installed. It had the Energy Star Label. The HVAC technician also talked us into getting a nice smart thermostat. I figured with the huge amount of money we were saving with the installation, why not upgrade the thermostat as well? We definitely weren’t disappointed. That smart thermostat makes a world of difference with the ease of controlling the HVAC and it also reminds us when we need HVAC system maintenance. I am happy with this new HVAC business in town!

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