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I am debating on what type of cooling system I want for my home. There is central air conditioning which requires ductwork installation. Duct installation is just not that easy. You have to tear down your walls to the bare bones. Then the air ducts are eight inch heavy metal piping that needs to be installed. On older homes, ductwork installation could ruin the house. I don’t think my home could take this complicated tear down process just for AC. There is ductless mini split air conditioning. But, then you need to have multiple indoor air handlers and thermostats in the house. Yes, I would have HVAC zone control. But, I don’t want to care and clean that many units. Anytime something goes wrong, it could be with any unit. I also think the cooling installation with a ductless mini split is quite considerable. I think what might be best for me is high velocity air conditioning. This is a combination of central air and ductless AC. There is air ducts with this unit. However, the ductwork is half the size and bendable. You can fit the HVAC ducts into the slats of an older home. The installation process is easy on the house and the ductwork does not have the problems that central air does. You also only have one unit that runs the cooling function in the home. It gets its name because of how powerful it is. You can quickly whip the AC around the home and lower the temperature in a matter of minutes. It is that easy.

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