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My friends are always baffled when they come over to my house and it’s so warm. They think that because my house was made over two hundred years ago that this makes it drafty or chilly, but the opposite is actually true. Newer houses are not made as well as older models, at least in the neighborhood I live in. What baffles them even more is when they ask if I use a furnace for forced hot air, or an oil boiler with pipes and radiators, I say neither. My farm house is fueled the same way it has been since the time it was constructed, through firewood. You don’t actually need a furnace at all if you have an awesome wood stove. My wood stove is bigger than most models, because it is designer to heat the entire house. Unlike a fireplace, the woodstove doesn’t need to be babied or bothered with twice a an hour. In fact, the wood stove has a unique setting where you close up the flue to insure the wood burns for even longer. This is the setting I use when I’m going to bed, or I’m having a lot of people over and don’t want to step away all the time from the fun. Since I don’t have to use gas, oil, or electricity to heat my farm house, I never have to worry about heat bills in the winter! I just buy my cord of wood, and use the rest that I have in storage, and I am warm all winter long without spending much at all.

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