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I was enjoying the holidays

When it is time to show my girlfriend just how much I love her, or to say happy birthday, I always visit my local flower shop. Here in my town, our local shop is called the bouquet shop. So I go there to get my girlfriend a nice bouquet of flowers when I want to express my love, or when it is her birthday. Everytime I walk into this place, the air quality is so nice. It is unlike any air quality I ever experienced before in my life. I finally decided to ask the worker in there what they used to get that fresh smell, and nice air quality. They told me it was a special HVAC system they had installed which can blow out either your basic heating and cooling, as well as an inner air purification system, along with a humidifier. All of this goes through the HVAC air vents in the shop making a wonderful form of air quality to keep the flowers fresh and smelling good. The worker also told me it is a way to keep the potential customers in the shop a lot longer so they may buy something if just browsing around. I never realised that an air purification system, or even general heating and cooling could actually be used as a sales tool. It’s almost like magic if you ask me! But, one thing I will say is, that is one smart way to keep the flowers so nice and fresh. My girlfriend is always over the moon with what I get her here. And the bouquet shop is always my one stop shop to say “I love you”.

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