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One of our first university classes was an American history class. It was early in the morning, and I barely got through the class! The professor was witty & entertaining, but I didn’t find American history to be anything more than boring and dull. When the weather started to turn colder, the professor brought a small space heater from under her desk, and she turned the space heater on low right before class. The heater would warm up the entire front of the classroom and the first row. It was constantly comfortable in the front, however I was sad to have been seated in the back. This past semester I had the same Professor again. I had to take an elective class, and saw that this professor was offering a third American history class. Since I ended up with a relatively easy grade, I decided this was a spot on idea. The class was going to be over the Winter season, and I made sure to get a front-row seat. I thought about the electric gas furnace and how I missed out last time. The professor had the same small electric space furnace once again. She used it while I was in the entire class period. I was glad to remember about the space heater, because it kept our feet and toes sizzling & toasty. Sitting in the front row was an enjoyable experience also, because I ended up doing much better in that class. I was sad to learn that this professor does not offer any additional classes. I would have liked to have taken another class, if given the chance.

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