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I really just need an air conditioner

I never thought I would meet my spouse on an HVAC service call. My friends and I were really upset Super Bowl morning. We woke up and our frat house was really cold. My friends and I tried everything, but we could not fix the problem with our heating equipment. Most of my friends don’t know anything at all about heating equipment. The rest of us have very little knowledge. We were pretty upset, because we had a huge Super Bowl party planned later that afternoon. I called a few different HVAC service centers, before I found someone open on a Sunday. My friends and I had to pay extra for Sunday service, but they arrived shortly after we hung up the phone. Within an hour, and attractive woman was standing in our doorway. She was heating equipment repair technician. My friends were making noises behind me, but I made them go away. I asked or did her to our heating equipment, and she asked a lot of questions. She wanted to know what type of repairs we tried already. She wanted to know if the heating equipment made any noises or acted differently in the past few days. Every time she looked at me, I felt my skin getting warmer and warmer. At the end of our heating equipment service call, I tried to get her number. She turned me down quickly and left as swiftly as she appeared. A few days later, she called me on the phone. I didn’t know how she got my number, until I realized it was on the invoice.

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