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My wife and I are busy travelers, and we try to visit a few new places each year.  Ever since we retired, we have visited a lot of great places. My wife and I took a flight to the frozen frontier. We started a 7 day cruise all around the islands. Even though it was the middle of summer, the outdoor temperatures were still very cold and frigid. My wife and I were worried about being warm, but our cruise ship had great amenities. Our suite was part of a multi split HVAC system. We had a separate thermostat for our room, even though we shared ductwork with two additional cabins. We adjusted the HVAC system, so more or less heat could enter our room. It was incredibly efficient and work very well. After a few nights, the outdoor temperatures seemed to warm up. When I looked at the cabin thermostat, the outdoor temperature was only 42 degrees. The HVAC system worked well, because we were cozy. My wife and I saw a great deal of interesting places along our journey. We saw animals that will only be around for another thirty years. We saw large structures carved from Ice in a frozen tundra. My wife and I are looking forward to our next big trip. Instead of worrying about heat, we will be concerned with our air conditioning needs. My wife and I are going to be visiting a tropical location for a 3 week period. Some friends of ours have a beach house, and we are going to stay with them. They recently did some remodeling, and they are ready to show off the new construction.

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