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When touring around some of the older homesteads downtown I observed that each of them were particular  yet the same. One of the recurring things found in each and every a single of them was that they had such high ceilings and Transom style windows above each doorway.  At first, I thought this was just a decorative feature. Then I acquired that it easily had an important function. Like any home, it was very important to make extra sure that air circulated along with heat to keep the house from feeling drafty.   Homes built a few ago did not have the elaborate HVAC duct that numerous newly constructed homes have. They needed a good way to circulate air and warmth throughout the home. These transom windows allowed just that. They let light through the house too but they could be opened and closed to allow heating in or out of a room as well.   Many of the easily seasoned homes didn’t even have electricity when they were first built. Finding creative ways to circulate air was important. Now, every one of us only needed to call our friendly Heating and Air Conditioning dealer and have a better ventilation plan or new Heating and Air Conditioning plan installed. All of us don’t depend on things like fireplaces and transom windows to keep our homes comfortable. I must say that the people who designed those homes back then really knew what they were doing though. I believe those windows were a very primitive way of putting HVAC duct into place.  Now, numerous of them have been sealed there permanently and are only for decoration. I am sure that numerous homeowners don’t even have a single clue what they were used for.

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