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Forty years of HVAC

When people learn that all of the Heating and Air Conditioning units in our apartment complex building are over forty years old, I believe they always have a strenuous time believing it.  This, is more than likely, because items today are just not made to survive that long. I am not saying that newer technology doesn’t have its own advantages, but, our landlord has typically inspected the units in our apartment building and every one of us don’t easily have problems with them.  I turn on the heat, the apartment is hot within hours, the same goes for the cooling systems. They may make a lot more noise than newer a singles do, but all in all they do the job. I was recently discussing this with a coworker and they happened to ask about our utility costs… When I told them how much money our average bill was, they were shocked.  They said that they would never want to spend so much money that much for heat and a/c. I never easily thought about it because I have lived in our home for 10 plus years. All of us started talking about the efficiency of newer Heating and Air Conditioning systems and how much cash they could save the renters in this building. I decided to ask our landlord if he had ever looked into upgrading the HVAC units.  He said that the expense was too much and he would have to raise the rent to compensate for the expense. This would mean that I wouldn’t be saving any cash because what I didn’t spend the money to the utility company, I would be paying in rent. I believe the only way I would see any savings at all would be to move. But, I love where I live, our neighbors, and even the constant clinking sounds that the Heating and Air Conditioning plan makes.  I believe this is a home to myself and others and that is really all that matters.

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