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Need to check up the heater

My devoted hubby has been offering to help repair my broken office gas furnace for the past two weeks. I come to the house from tasking every day, and I complain about cold all morning. I have an office on the lowest floor, and all of the heat gets lost to the upper floors. The building is older than most in the town, and is in desperate need of large renovations. My hubby works with heating equipment all morning long. He has often promised myself and others that he would come over and take a look at the heater. Still, I haven’t seen my hubby in two weeks. I guess he is tied up with fixing other heating equipment troubles, although he could send a lackey to do the job. I wouldn’t mind so much if he sent another heating repair guy. I have been waiting for a entirely  long time, and it’s going to really snow this weekend.I decided to call my hubby today and request a gas furnace service tech. I told him I would call someone else, if he did not repair the gas furnace on that very same morning. My hubby finally agreed to come by after dinner. I was so cheerful to see his bright and smiling face. I sincerely expected him to make an excuse, although he came by to look at the busted heater. He had a few ideas to repair the problem. After diagnosing the gas furnace issue, my devoted hubby and I went out to dinner. One of his employees stayed behind to repair the heater’s issue. I had a nice dinner with my main squeeze and the gas furnace was fixed. It was a very good morning in the office, thanks to my guy.

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