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In order to save money on monthly energy consumption, my company decided to install an integrated temperature control system. The business was spending a fortune to heat and cool the large office building. One large problem is the age of our building. The HVAC system was installed, when heating and air conditioning was still new technology.  The old office building was spending an abundant amount of cash each month for utilities. The owner of the office building met with several HVAC contractors, hoping to find a solution to our expensive heating and cooling bills. The HVAC company suggested an integrated temperature control system. The temperature control system would be monitored with a control panel. Each floor of our building has a new smart thermostat installed. Each floor can independently change the temperature, using the smart thermostat feature. The integrated temperature control system also includes an air filtration system and remote access. The owner of the company can access the integrated temperature control system from anywhere. There are hundreds of temperature sensors located throughout our building. These temperature sensors relay important information to the integrated temperature control system. These sensors provide information about the temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality. Some sensors can even detect motion in the room. Several offices on the fourth and fifth floor are no longer in use. Those areas are only heated or cooled, if the sensor triggers the HVAC unit. In an emergency, the integrated temperature control system can be manually adjusted. I think the new temperature control system and smart thermostat will make a significant difference in our monthly utility allowances.

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