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The zone control HVAC unit

It must be hard to live with somebody who has completely opposite temperature needs than what you have.  I know that my wife and I often argue about the thermostat but it is for different reasons. I know of one young couple that couldn’t even keep their marriage together for a year.  During their first winter, they split up because she couldn’t handle the super cold thermostat settings that he demanded be kept. My problem was that we had a wood burning furnace that heated the water in the boiler.  We tried to find a place where the thermostat would be centralized, but we no place seemed to be good. We put it in the living room, but when you got out of that room, the air just got progressively colder. When my wife was in her office, she would come out with her nose running and her fingers blue because it was so cold.  I knew I needed to do something, because she was no longer happy with the situation. I called the HVAC company, and I thought she would make a recommendation as to where to put the thermostat. Instead of that recommendation, she thought we should put in Zone Control. Zone Control would be able to give us two more thermostats for the house.  She said by zoning off the the office and the side bedroom, we would have heating there, in the master bedroom and in the living area. Even with three thermostats, we wouldn’t be using more heat. We would just be using the heating more efficiently.

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