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Last month, we had a local farmer come into the Town Meeting hall and he wanted to get a building permit.  I was surprised at his request, and a bit curious. He told us that he wanted to accept an offer from a local solar contractor.  He had been farming this land all of his life, but he and his wife were getting older. They were ready to retire and live their life, while enjoying what time they had left.  The solar contractor wanted to lease several acres of his land and build a solar farm. The solar farm would reportedly create enough energy that he would never have to pay another energy bill.  The solar farm would also be able to generate enough power to give electricity to most of the surrounding farms in a twenty-five mile radius. I was curious as to how this was going to go. I knew of several solar farms in the state.  Most of the solar farms were on vacant property or on state and federally owned property. The farmer told us that he wanted to continue to do some truck patch farming, but it was only going to be for his own personal use. They were hoping to get enough from the lease option, and on what they were saving on energy bills, to be able to get a small home down south and move there when the weather got cold and rough.  They got the vote for the building permit minus one vote from a neighboring farmer. He thought he should have been offered the land lease and not this older farmer.

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