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The HVAC unit on a budget

Getting older brings up a lot of different issues in families.  Many families are needing to deal with raising their children and helping with their aging parents.  Either can be a full time job, but it is more difficult when dealing with both. My sister was dealing with a completely different issue in her home.  She had partial custody of our mother, meaning mom split her time between she and I. Mom was ninety and needed to be taken around to different doctors and she had a lot of specialized  needs due to her age. She also has a five year old granddaughter, whom she has full custody of, which is a full time job. This seems to be commonplace in today’s world. The parents can either be deployed in other countries, but in  many cases it is because the parents are involved in drugs, or incarcerated. Her granddaughter has a lot of health issues. Our mother also had a lot of health issues. Due to her health and the medications she took, she needed to have a lot of heating.  Her skin was thin and she was always cold. We had to watch her with her thermostat. Sometimes, she would have it turned up to ninety and she would be sitting there with a coat on. We understood she was cold, and that was why we both had special heaters in her room.  We couldn’t have an open flame for the heater, because she would throw things on top of it. We both chose electric heaters so all we had to worry about was the thermostat.

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