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The electric heater unit

The people I spend some time with and a few of my friends wanted to easily throw a multiple surprise party for our girlfriend. We both had a girlfriend with the same birthday in the same week, and we wanted to easily plan something that would include multiple of our friends, family, and Neighbors. The people I live with and myself went through extraordinary efforts to make sure that every detail was easily accounted for. The people I spend my days with and a few of my friends plans all of the event down to the most my new and perfect detail. Everything was going to be exactly the way my girlfriend wants it, until multiple hours before the celebration, when our power went out. As soon as I heard the breaker blow, I knew it was trouble. All of a sudden, there was no cold air coming out of the A/C air vents. The people I was with myself easily looked at each other and wondered what we would do next. The power was off and the electric company said it would be multiple hours until the A/C component would probably work again. All of this time we spent planning the perfect party and it was going to be ruined by the A/C component. The people I was with and myself were trying to think fast and quick, and decided to move the venue to another apartment right across the street. It worked out all at the last minute, and everyone was still very surprised to arrive.

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