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Keeping our space heater on high

My friends and I decided to try a new diet, that is supposed to boost metabolism. My friends and I have easily been on the diet for a few months. The people I was with and a few of my friends have easily lost multiple pounds already. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like our metabolism rate has changed too much. One thing that I have easily seen, is the fact that the people I was with and myself are consistently cold now. Even with the furnace running at a high temperature, the winter cabin easily seems to be frigid and cold in all rooms. Multiple friends and family members have easily suggested that the diet is the reason for the cold snap. I never had problems with the furnace before, and and maybe it’s not actually a furnace problem and more of a psychological problem. The people I was with and myself spoke to our weight loss doctor about the strange phenomenon. The doctor easily suggested that multiple people can have different reactions to weight loss. While some of the people I was with and myself will easily feel effects from the furnace and A/C component, some people will easily not be bothered At All by the multiple different factors. I’m happy to be losing a few pounds here + there, but I certainly do wish that it was not affecting my body temperature in such a negative way. It really sucks to be at the disposal of your furnace and A/C component. It might be better if we stop losing weight right now.


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