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HVAC ruined in the process


The other day when I got back home from work, I heard the smoke detector going off and promptly felt annoyed. I wondered how long it was sounding for and I absolutely smelled smoke in the house, so it definitely wasn’t a false alarm. The air quality was absolutely in the toilet, so I came to find that our gas furnace was smoking out pretty badly – something was burning in there! I just shut it off, and called the Heating and A/C supplier instantly. The Heating and A/C worker arrived within the hour to help me out, and he said the gas furnace was clogged up with a bunch of debris. That clog caused the system to work too hard, so he handled it by cleaning everything out thoroughly and replacing a few worn parts – including the burners. He changed out the air filter too, having noticed that the air quality in the house had suffered from the clogged, debris-filled furnace. When the Heating and A/C worker was all done with the maintenance work, the gas furnace worked without creating smoke! I was pleased that this Heating and A/C worker was able to get over to our place so promptly, and handle everything in the first hour. The bill was a touch on the pricey side, but for the work that was done, I’d say the money was well spent! I’m just thankful that I have our gas furnace working as it should once again, and recognize that our heating plan will carry me through the Winter with no problems. I really have to say, it’s nice having this sort of peace of mind, and I’m going to have to make sure to have our gas furnace checked out before the Winter arrives from now on.

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