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AC getting a tune up

The other day, an old colleague asked me about what season I enjoyed the most. It really got me thinking about every season, as well as the applicable pros and cons. It’s funny – I appreciate all of the seasons, but if I had to go with just one in particular, I feel I would go with the fall. It’s the perfect time! I can stop using the air conditioning system plan non-stop like I did over the summer, and the utility bills go down for that time too. That’s always a nice break! It’s also the perfect time to get our Heating and A/C plan tuned up to get ready for the Winter months. I love the Winter as well, but I would never go into the Winter being unprepared! I understand that Heating and A/C plan maintenance is critically important when you live far up North like I do! You absolutely don’t want to be caught up in the midst of a snowstorm without a reliable gas furnace or some kind of solid heating system! The Springtime is wonderful as well, as there is no more snow and everything comes to life! It’s nice to have flowers planted outside, and see everything looking great for the first time in almost six months. The Summer gets so warm though, so I make sure to have our air conditioning system plan tuned up at this time! With the number one season being the fall, one of my favorite parts of the season is watching the leaves change. It’s such a fabulous sight to see, and ultimately, I believe that’s why I would have to say fall is the number one season for me. While I do appreciate all the seasons in certain ways, I also appreciate the fall the most because of Halloween and Thanksgiving. These are certainly my favored holidays!

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