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The a/c losing power

Just recently, the people I was with and I had a bad heatwave to cope with. I thought the people I was with and I would be just fine, right up until the power went out! With the power, of course, went the cooling system. Facing a heatwave without the air conditioner working in your house is just awful, as it was over 100 degrees outside! The two of us were trying to keep the home at a nice 70 degrees, and the temperature control system was entirely working great, but when the power went out, the home heated up so suddenly that we barely had time to prepare. The two of us were dying even with our fans and buckets of ice! So the people I was with and I reported the power outage first, then talked to our neighbors about the situation. Many of our neighbors were going out to various buildings to eat, and restaurants that weren’t affected by the power outage. The two of us got an estimate from the power supplier that it would be a few hours, possibly longer, before the power was restored. With that, the two of us decided to do what our neighbors did and picked a spot to enjoy a nice expertly-cooked meal while relaxing in the comforting air conditioning. The two of us found this one restaurant that wasn’t too packed, so we figured most of the people affected by the power outage went somewhere else. The two of us didn’t have to wait for a long time, and it was nice and cool inside the restaurant – we wouldn’t have minded if we had to wait, anyway! It was so much better than having to suffer inside of our overheated house. When I was talking with one of my neighbors, they said they had a nice generator that allowed them to keep their air conditioning on. I thought that was a smart thing to have on the ready, it would be best for us to install a generator in our home. That way, the people I was with and I never have to experience a situation like this again!

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